Monthly Progress Report & Stuff - January 2019

Hello everyone, how have you all been doing this month? I'm doing well I think! I wish you all a happy new year to those who haven't read the post yet. I should've posted this on tuesday, but I forgot, thinking it was on the fourth of every month. Anyways, here it is!

Our group of patrons have grown from 36 to 43 this month! There's probably a few more, but they aren't counted yet. To the patrons who have been here for a while, thank you for staying with me. And to the new Patrons, welcome to my creator page! I hope you will be with me for a long time and enjoy the novels I translate. 

Just like the previous monthly post,  I will report what chapters I'm currently translating of each project I'm doing as well as things I'd want to discuss with you all and any other things that could influence my translations in one way or another.  

Translation progress

  • Second Summon: Chapter 82  at 0% -> 85 at 0%
  • Hiki-NEET: Vol 8 Chapter 8 at 0% -> Vol 8 Idle talk 1 at 0%
  • Retired Hero: Chapter 12 at 0% (I think)-> 16 at 50%
  • Monthly bonus: 0% -> 62.7%

I can't say I'm exactly happy with what I've translated this month so far, but it's not too bad I guess? I've done three chapters of second summon, four chapters of hiki-NEET and four chapters of the Retired Hero. Monthly bonus is going smoothly ever since I marked how much I have to do every day to get it done on time. I'll get back some extra progress on second summon. My goal was to get more chapters done than one a week, but that did not quite work out well. Here's hoping I'll get it this time. 

If I want to get it to where I want to be, then my goal this month would be to translate five chapters(1 extra) of second summon, nine(five extra) chapters of Hiki-NEET and nine chapters(five extra) of the Retired Hero. I'm definitely not going to get so many done so I guess I'll have to focus on one at a time. Priority is Second Summon, Retired Hero and then Hiki-NEET with the goal of getting equal amount of chapters on all novels. My goal will stay like this before I move onto thinking about extra things, like a possible other novel or somesuch.

Navigation and readability

I've been trying to keep a next chapter/previous chapter at the bottom of the chapters. Do people make use of them? Are they handy to have? I'm currently looking for feedback in any part. Same goes for my English and everything. I always try to translate the story and move words around somewhat so that it makes sense in an English environment, but I'm still not a native English speaker/reader/writer so I can't really say I can pay attention to (or remember) every grammar rules. So hopefully you can point out if I make a mistake here and there, even tiny ones. Or words that makes no sense in that particular situation.

Bonus chapter releases

I once said I'm going to do one short story a month, but people would probably prefer longer  stories over smaller ones. That's why I've decided to group up the smaller stories to be around 10k in characters. Also I'll remove the least voted story from the poll that comes afterwards so there's more variation in choices. The removed story will come on the monthly poll after that one. Ie: January's least voted option will not show up on february's poll, but it will show up on march's poll instead.

These will be effective on the next poll. 

That is all I want to throw out to you guys. Throw out any comments if there's anything you want to comment on or other things I didn't mention about but should think about in the future. Just a regular thank you or a like is fine too. 
Thank you for reading and see you in my next translations and/or monthly report!