The Other World Game - Playtest Set

In my head has been a kind of soccer game concept for a while, and it the last few days the idea solidified into something concrete.

Let me present to the world, The Other World Game Playtest Set.

This is just a print-on-paper set with the first edition of the rules. One format is for A4 pages, and the other is on US Letter. It has a number of pages, because the cards are a bit larger than the usual 2.5inch by 3.5inch card size used for US Bridge cards. The Black Borders are 0.125inch larger on all sides so you can trim them down.

What I want in return?
Feedback about the game. I have a Discord setup for my stuff, and there is a Channel for this game on my Discord

  • What parts feel good?
  • What parts feel bad?
  • Which rules feel confusing?
  • Which cards feel 'too good'?
  • Which cards feel 'not good enough'?
  • What parts of the game feel incomplete?

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