How to access your premium audio shows.

Hi! We're blown away by the new support we're getting after our Patreon restructure. We've gotten a lot of questions about how people will access their premium audio episodes (early release, premium shows, full episodes of WOFF!, etc). I've created a brief video explaining how to do this. I'll also write out a tutorial below.

The short answer is: Everything you're backing our Patreon for can be accessed through your private Patreon audio RSS feed URL. All you need to do is plop this into your podcast listening app or RSS feed reading service of choice, and everything that's coming to you will come to you automatically.


  • Back our Patreon at $3 or above.
  • Go to on your desktop browser and copy your unique, private URL.
  • If you manage your podcasts on desktop: Paste this URL directly into your podcast app of choice (iTunes, for example).
  • If you manage your podcasts on mobile: Paste the URL into an email to yourself, then paste it into your podcast app on mobile.
  • Every podcast app should allow you to subscribe to a custom feed. We cannot provide support for every app, so search the documentation for your app of choice if any of this is unclear.

This feed is unique to you as a backer, and it will automatically subscribe you to every piece of content you're eligible to receive.

  • $3 backers get access to early episodes.
  • $5 backers get two extra Exquisite Suffering episodes per month, access to Bonfireside Chat Rekindled, and full premium episodes of Watch Out for Fireballs! In addition to early episodes.
  • $10 backers get all of the above, plus the firehose of old premium content, Adaptation Decay, and Duckfeed Presents specials.

Here are some answers to common questions we get about your favorite shows or rewards.

Zuh?: Everything you're entitled to will be delivered into one omni-feed.

Early Release: All early episodes will drop into this private feed. These will be mixed in with any other premium content that you get. The old early release feeds will be discontinued. Every once in a while we'll clean out the old Early Release episodes to keep the feed from getting too cluttered.

Exquisite Suffering: The most recent episode of Exquisite Suffering will be available for $5+ backers. All others will be available as part of the firehose for $10 backers.

Bonfireside Chat Rekindled: New episodes of Bonfireside Chat will go into the private RSS feed. They will not be available on the old public feed with the rest of the episodes. The old episodes will stick around and be available for the public.

Watch Out for Fireballs!: One episode per month will be a premium episode. The full premium episode will go onto the private Patreon feed. Subscribers to the public feed will get a preview episode that goes up through the generalities. If we're doing a two part episode, we will never make the first part public and the second part premium.

Adaptation Decay: All episodes will be available through your private feed.

Duckfeed Presents Specials: All episodes will be available through your private feed.

In conclusion, the answer to your question is that if something is outlined as a Patron benefit, the best way to get it will be through your unique, private Patreon RSS feed. Patreon will automatically determine what you should get, according to your backer level.

The days of messing around with multiple private feeds for different stuff are well behind us.

Thank you so much for your support! Hopefully this clarifies things.

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