👾 ⌨️ Say hi to ReiKey: a macOS keylogger detector

A new year - means new tool(s)!
Announcing the release of ReiKey, a keylogger detector for macOS:

🔐 Download here ( https://objective-see.com/products/reikey.html )

Malware and other applications may install persistent keyboard "event taps" to intercept your keystrokes. I wrote ReiKey to generically detect and monitor for such taps:

And yes, it's 100% free, and I've posted its full source-code is online ( https://github.com/objective-see/ReiKey ).

For more details, or install it on your Mac - head over to its product page, on the Objective-See website. 

Again, Happy 2019 and mahalo for your amazing, continuing support ♥️

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