Magnetic disturbance, second solar wind.

Thank you John Traczyk

January 7, 2019. Extreme energy waves buckling Earth's magnetic field spiked above 1000 km/s for an hour this morning. At 00:31:05 UTC, the highest speed I have ever seen recorded, hit an unbelievable 1893 km/s.

This was not from the Sun.

The Solar winds only topped out at 550 km/s. There is another solar type source up there. Just because we can't see it does not mean it's not there.

This is from the second solar wind coming from under the ecliptic the opposite side of the sun.

Brown dwarf. Backside alignment.

Situated between Saturn and Jupiter, outside Mars’s orbital path, under the ecliptic.

Last images represent the system from under the ecliptic-

Front view and side view.

So you get a perspective of how it’s interacting with Earth.

Stay vigilant.