Episode 35: Giving Birth In Court (Almost)—Ellen Trachman Bonus Birth Episode

Ellen Trachman is the Director and Co-Owner of Bright Futures Families, which includes Colorado Surrogacy, New Mexico Surrogacy, Montana Surrogacy, Texas Surrogacy and New England Surrogacy. She is an attorney specialized in family formation law and Managing Director of Trachman Law Center, LLC and the co-host of the I Want To Put A Baby In You Podcast.

Listen as Ellen and her spouse, Will, chat about: 

  • The 9:00 pm call from the hospital telling them to come in right away.
  • Their adventures in Bradley Method classes and preparation for their first child in San Francisco.
  • Cramps on the way and in the middle of a court hearing—which, you guessed it, progressed into full-fledged labor (eek)!
  • The doula’s TSA violations in an attempt to make the birth.
  • AND…a special BONUS interview with the product of that birth, Ellen’s daughter and Jennifer.

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