Introducing The Homestead!

Wanted to give yall a taste of what I'm going to be sharing with the Insurrectionist tier. This is a picture from my tiny garden last year. I have goats, chicken and horses as well. This upcoming year I plan to increase total production a great deal. I'm creating an additional raised bed garden/ play area for my kid. I have been invited to be part of a weekly neighborhood market in Greensboro, NC from Spring to Fall. I raise chickens both for meat and eggs, and at the moment I only have a few, but I will scale up to about 30 for an assorted dozen- Green, Blue, Brown, and White eggs. I also raise goats for meat and dairy and to sell. We make cheeses and soap from the milk. I have hopes to scale that up this year as well! You will get to meet all the animals, see what my garden plans are, and watch me struggle in future posts!