Borderlands Class Discussion In today's class stream, I chat with special guest Jakob Koziol about the evolution of the genre between generations, and we have a long discussion about the tradeoff in advances in usability in games, mostly how flaws could give a game character. For those who were in the chat, the fantastic bunnyhop video that we referenced discussing the streamlining of third person shooter controller can be found here: Because of this discussion, for the next class series we will be doing a group design exercise. We'll be picking a "kind of okay" game, probably in the 50s metacritic range, then play it until we encounter something new, interesting, or clever. We haven't picked a game yet, and part of the homework is finding a good (not so good) game to start with that is easily accessible and on the cheat. Also, since many people participating in "class" are non-patrons, I'm going to be sending more class stream information on the stream announcement mailing list. As always, stay tuned for more!
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