railroad haiku spikes

These are the railroad haiku spikes I currently have available. I give one of these away as part of my patreon each month, to a randomly selected person. You can only win once every six months, and you get one chance for every dollar you are supporting me at each month, thus you do $1, you get one chance, you do $10, you get ten, and so on.

I also sell these, and am working on creating a more updated website for my art, and writing, and southern gothic futurist haiku slams. But if you see this now, and are interested, ideally I hope to get $150 a spike, but I sell them on a $75-$150 sliding scale where you do what you can, because as somebody who loves to fill their life with art, but rarely has the money to afford to do so, I'd like these things to be accessible to anybody. If interested in any of them, hit me up at ravenmack at gmail dotcom.

uniform clever
coded into consciousness -
we lulz together

white rocks my black elk
wichasa wakhan, which is
healing feral stones

machete hacking
blackberry bushes as life
lesson - untangle

sitting by frog ponds -
primordial crescendo
slowing my heartbeat

disappear into
woods to recalibrate my
mind back to basics

[THE BELOW ONES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE - they've been won as part of the monthly haiku spike reward for this patreon]

crows above river
freestyling futuristic
prophecies of wild

the freedom of poor
choices liberating a
fool from stifling path