2019 Update!

(This is all stuff I'm gonna be saying in a video later but I thought I might as well get my thoughts written down now).

So! 2018! What a year! I released two episodes of The Twin Souls in the space of a month so I think I deserve some credit for that, huh? Let's hear it for me! There's ONE MORE episode of The Twin Souls left to be made, and boy is it a whopper. The script ain't done yet, but it's over thirty pages long right now, AND I'm trying to fit a musical number somewhere in there. I'll probably have to cut the musical number. WHO KNOWS?? Anyway, The Twin Souls Finale is going to be my top priority going into the new year. I'm very proud of what I've written so far and I hope people like it. Here's a screenshot.

Second, Unidentified Flying Angst. What's the deal with that? What was meant to be a short to be released on Election Day last year has evolved into a full length "cartoon" in its own right... unfortunately, I'm not super motivated to work on it right now, so I have NO idea when that's gonna be done. I'm kind of chipping away at it slowly but I just don't think the script is very funny anymore so it's kind of hard to actually work on for any extended length of time. I dunno when or if it's coming out. But hey, Donald Trump is still gonna be around for at least a few more months, so I've got time, right? Anyway, here's a screenshot of that.

Finally, in the latter half of 2018 I started working on an original series! I've been designing characters, writing scripts, and building 2D and 3D assets for a new show called Swole Foods, which stars a group of cartoon animals who run a grocery store! I'm very, VERY proud of the stories I've written for it and I hope to get started working on it in the second half of 2019, after I'm done with The Twin Souls.

Swole Foods is reflective of a change I want to make on my channel in 2019: following the release of The Twin Souls Finale, I am done with parody animations or animations based on other properties. I will be working exclusively on Swole Foods and other original content. I think that's gonna probably turn some people off, because most of my subscribers came from The Twin Souls, but I'm ready to move on to my own stories and characters, it's just something I gotta do for my own sanity.  I hope people will stick with me regardless!

-Matt C.