There still is a chance for Article 13 to be stopped! (Also Bugfixes)

Next week on Friday, the National Governments vote about accepting the final text, lets hope they will stop it right there and then.

As for Factorio, I'm getting close to finishing my Singleplayer World so that's soon to be less of a waste of time.

Now for the Update, I fixed a bunch of Issues and rewrote the System that does ItemStack Movement between Inventories, simply because the whole System, which was a leftover from GT5, was way too broken to be used for the Robot Arm Cover.

So if anything in that regard is broken please tell me, so far Bear did not have his Workshop break a second time after my first attempt at fixing it, so it should be fine for the Release Version. ;)

Aluminium Hydroxide was somehow smelting into twice as much Alumina as it actually contains, meaning it got fixed/nerfed to half its previous Value. Just so you know for your Aluminium Processors.

The Advanced Crafting Table had a few issues with Shift Left Clicking the Output, and with dumping Container Items into adjacent Compartment Drawers or Item Barrels. Those got fixed now.

So there we go, mostly Bugfixes, but the Robot Arm Cover works properly now, unlike last time. Have a Download Page Link for Convenience, hope for me to finally stop playing vanilla Factorio after this week, and thank you all for your Support. ^^