The BAT (BICYCLIST Adventure Team) is a non-profit social-enterprise dedicated to informing, guiding and promoting 'personal-transportation options' for recreation, competition and as a viable means of sustainable transportation for the individual. It is led by Chris Reynolds, Kelley O'Toole, and Victor Prestinary (sometimes).

Our creative efforts are channeled into BICYCLIST Magazine, a print and digital publication that is distributed on the West Coast of the US, read as a digital format worldwide, and released 10 times per year. We also produce the BICYCLIST Experience, a weekly cycling podcast that expands on the topics and editorial released on our site and magazine. 

The BAT uses your contributions to further the mission of our organization; championing sustainable transportation and travel by bike for sport, recreation, and transportation. 

You can find a FAQ and welcome letter from Chris over here!

Since 1994,  BICYCLIST has served as a gateway, an experiential guide, and an advocate for the community of organized rides, events, races, tours, the bike-riding enthusiast, and the non-bike riding person who finds themselves in ownership of a bicycle. From SoCal and Beyond, we're location inclusive, searching out the stories of adventure and experience  that aren't meant to necessarily motivate arduous travel, but more to insight a curiosity into what is possible by bike.  

For decades, a vibrant community of independent bike shops that have fostered the community of people riding bicycles, throughout the U.S.

But that is rapidly changing. The number of people riding bikes is only increasing, but the number of brick and mortar shops acting as hubs for the community is rapidly decreasing. More people are coming to the world of bike travel through the inter-webs, never setting foot in a retail bike shop. 

For anyone enthusiastic about growing the community of riders, this is great news. But what gets lost is the easy access to community that shops provide. And so we're looking to provide as best an analogue as we can, community, information and guidance to make the most of your time in the saddle. Maybe your local shop closed down a couple years back, or maybe your local shop is terrible. We're there for you. Join us. 

Starting Point

Most individuals owned a bicycle at an early point in their life, and when people come back to the bike at a later time, it's often as a cheap way to transport themselves from A to B or as an answer to the growing number of reasons people seem to find discontent in their life. 

For the first group, those travelling on the cheap, we distribute a freely-available print edition of BICYCLIST magazine at a local bike shop near you (maybe). Will Decker, the founding publisher had the idea that anyone wandering into a bike shop should find a reliable, tangible and credible source of information to make the most of their time in the saddle. And he believed it should be free. Not so much as a gesture of charity, but more of accessibility.

For solving the discontents of the second group, travel by bicycle provides an answer for improving the condition of near any quandary, crisis, ailment, or frustration, mental or physical, a human may come upon. And the benefit to society would be enormous if the bicycle was looked upon as a salve, rather the pharmaceutical, pseudo-science cocktails, and snake-oil cures presently pedaled to the masses. 

A one-hour bicycle ride with a group of like-minded individuals will provide more delight and value than most any other activity. A one-day bike tour with only the winds at your back can improve your life permanently - a discovery of self-reliance, mental fortitude and endurance. What bicyclists around the world have discovered is not the bike, but the mind of the bicyclist, a palace of strength, solace, discipline, and even-headedness. 

We believe this power to be nothing short of divine and feel obligated to share this message.

And who are we? A pair of young people (Chris Reynolds and Kelley O'Toole) who found themselves as stewards of this humble empire when the fore-mentioned publisher Will Decker turned 83 and decided it was time to stop writing, and start riding again.

Since that transition in 2014, we've grown the BICYCLIST universe, expanded the reach and goals of Mr. Decker's original mission and added to the team of individuals dedicated to increasing the enthusiasm for travel by bike through a panoply of formats and mediums.

But to continue our work, and expand the constituency of people who are sympathetic to a life of transport by bike, we need your help. 

We understand that asking people who ride bikes to part with money, can be to some like asking a fish to give up its legs. But we guarantee you will receive a level of commensurate value that beats any helmet (Yes, even with MIPS), apparel atrocity, or most bikes for sale.

If you're saving for your first bike, your money is better spend getting in the game. But once that bike is yours, your money is well spent joining along with the BAT. Does n=2 or 3? It will be money well spent, exchanged for information and  experiential guidance  for use in making the most of your time in the saddle. 

Support by our patrons allow us to program researching bicyclist-friendly routes and tours, producing guides and maps, and the media millions of people around the world have used to make the most of their time in the saddle:

BICYCLIST Magazine (Since 1994)
made available FREE to the public, print and digital 

Released 10 times per year, distributed to better bike shops throughout the US, the magazine offers a wide range of stories, articles and illustrations that provide an encapsulated experience to help guide and motivate both the new rider, and the veteran alike. 

The BICYCLIST Calendar (Since 2014)
made available FREE to the public

Though most people coming into the two-wheeled world have no idea the extent of bike-related events happening all around them, a look at our calendar in your local area will show you the disparate sized events, some independent and grass-roots, others glossy and plush, rides that take place all year long throughout the US. Revolving around the calendar are stories of experience, helping to motivate a person who owns a bike, to become someone who is a confident bicyclist. 

The BICYCLIST Experience | podcast (Since 2016)
made available FREE to the public  
(BONUS show for PATRONS)

The cadre of young people doing their best to captain the BICYCLIST boat into the future dissect, analyze, cheer, and bemoan the media landscape through the optic of the bicyclist. Featuring special guests, interviews and new for 2019 - a sound board - the show is a lighter side of life, and appropriate for a general audience. Maybe bad jokes, but no bad words.

On behalf of the entire BAT, we appreciate your support and look forward to guiding, inspiring and motivating your adventures and travel by bike.

BAT #1 | Chris Reynolds | party captain
(magazine design, site design, podcast co-host, mechanic)

BAT #2 | Victor Prestinary | first mate, night-watch
(podcast co-host, route research, special projects)

BAT #3 | Kelley O'Toole | first mate, day-watch
(podcast host, calendar, newsletter, editor, contributor liaison)

BAT #6 | John Woodson | ride lieutenant
(route research, senior contributor, translator)

BAT #7 | Luis Suarez | second mate, gunner
(social media, route research, special projects, video)

BAT #8  | Christopher Massaad | second mate, motorman
(design, illustration, special projects)

From Our Masthead:

BICYCLIST: SoCal & Beyond is a social enterprise promoting bicycle riding for sport, activity, and transportation. We publish the independent and always FREE print and online magazine, BICYCLIST, and produce the weekly cycling podcast, the BICYCLIST Experience.


Guide active cyclists with information that will enhance their riding experience.

Encourage aspirational cyclists to become active members of the cycling community.

Create engaging content that is as informative as it is entertaining.

Inspire fans to find adventure, build and participate in communities, and explore.

Advocate for the bicycling lifestyle in the western United States.


events// Organized recreation, pro/am competition and festivals.

culture // Off the bike, on the bike, and everything in-between.

provisions // The goods that go along with the life of the bicyclist.

adventure // Discover by bike, discover thyself.

advocacy // Improving the experience of riding a bicycle for everyone.

The BICYCLIST Adventure Team  
14252 Culver Dr. Irvine, CA 92604

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