This Week's Reviews - QSR week of 01/07/2019

Mon - Flash Fiction Online January 2019 (3 short stories)
   2/3 of these aren't SFF and I still think the month brings a lot to like, though I think the Lichtman story (the spec one) was my favorite of the bunch.

Tues - Fiyah Literary Magazine #9 (4 short stories, 1 novelette, 2 poems)
   This issue did some new things for the publications (aside from announcing a change in the masthead). Foremost, it's the first issue that doesn't have a specific theme, though I think that powerlessness and loss pervade most of the works. For poetry fans, I really liked the Moore piece, and the fiction is all very good, with special mention of the Heyward-Rotimi and Harriott stories.

Wed - Serial Box: Ninth Step Station (2 serial episodes)
   This continues to be a lot of fun, and I loved the serial killer episode by J Koyanagi (perhaps not surprising given how much I loved Ascension). But It's shaping up to be a very exciting and interesting read and I love how the voices of the characters and writers are coming through.

Thurs - GigaNotoSaurus January 2019 (1 short story)
   The year starts off with this solid Haskins story about immigration and prejudice, expression and dance/music. It's got something of a YA feel for me, because of the themes and how they're handled, and I like where it brings the character and the rather sweet and triumphant feel of the work.

   Yes, this is my first weekday off in over a year, but part of my New Year's Resolutions is to not break myself trying to make deadlines that I impose on myself. Right now I'm taking care of my husband after nir surgery (it went well, and thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible), and though I'm still mostly on track with my reviews for the month, I think it's best if I take today off to focus on some other things. Probably I'll be back to five posts a week again soon, but for now, I think it best if I not push to hit this.

And that's about it. Otherwise, I'm in full Nurse Chapel mode (yes, that would make my husband Spock and I think that's pretty accurate). I've been trying to keep up with things but apologies if I'm behind in correspondences and such. I have some new plans for the new year, and should really start to promote stuff bc Hugo nominations just opened. Sigh, the endless rounds. But thank you all so, so much. Seriously, it means the world and this Patreon is now the only thing supporting my reviews, so just thank you! <3

I'll be posting the next chapter of Perilous Knights for you soon (it's the longest and...steamiest of the novella), and will hopefully have the next Liver Beware! up before too long. I might also have some more good publishing news to share soon, but for now I remain forever yours in reviews. Cheers!