Need more than a Will

When we moved to Arizona we learned from our Lawyer that we should get a new Will in Arizona even though we had one in Minnesota. I am not a Lawyer or a Financial Planner so I am not giving you any legal advice. I am letting you know what we have been told from others and learned from reading up on Retirement.

We could go on and on about Insurance and Medicare also when talking about Retirement but today I wanted to let you know of things to think about today to prepare for the future. Hopefully we all live a long life but that doesn’t always go that way. I just had a friend who lost his Sister, she was way too young to pass on. So, it got me thinking more about how prepared are we?

We can go years without updating our Wills or plans if we would pass. I feel we should set a date each year and plan on updating our info then to make sure we do it each year. The other day someone said about having a plan for your electronic accounts, websites and social media. That got me thinking about all of our videos and photos we have stored on google photos and other social media sites. I control most of those accounts and if I passed Mrs. RE may have a challenge getting them.

Mrs. RE and myself have tried to put all of our Physical Assets in both of our names in case one of us pass but have not done anything with our electronic accounts. How prepared are you? Here is a quick list of some areas to think about preparing so if you did pass on then your loved ones wouldn’t have to struggle as much or lose out on stuff that you would want to pass on to them.

Of course, your Lawyer probably has a good list of items to prepare yourself for passing on someday. Also, if you have a good Insurance agent, I would bet he has some good free info also for you. I believe in Insurance if you don’t have the Assets. Insurance is not for you but your loved ones. I am not an Insurance agent either so I would suggest finding a good one you trust. Same as a good Lawyer and Financial planner. Build up your team for you and your family.

Here is a small list to think about preparing for you and your family;

- Hire a Lawyer for a Will. Has it said where you want your Assets to go?

- Medical Directive or Living Will on Medical Issues like how long you would want to be kept alive on Life Support.

- Power of Attorney so if you can’t make Medial or Financial decision then they can for you or after you are passed on.

- Last wishes if you want Buried or Cremated.

- Where to be Buried or Ashes spread out at. If you own a Lot or Container and where at if so.

- Write your own Obituary? I am working on a book to be published when I pass on. 

- Who to contact when you die in order. List your Will Lawyer very first. Accountant second.

- Who you don’t want to be notified when you pass on.

- Who you don’t want invited to your funeral if you decide to have on. I don’t want on. Just spread my Ashes at Pebble Beach Golf Course by the Ocean.

- List of all your Online Accounts with Log In ID and passcodes.

- List of all your Assets and Contact info like Bank Accounts, Insurance Documents, Business Info and other assets.

- Social Media accounts with Log IN ID and passcodes. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Photos and more.

- Cars and House change them to get in your name. You would probably need to take the Death Certificate with you to do this. Of course, this is if your spouse passed on before you. We put our names on all Assets so it should be easier of one of us pass on and we need to change names on accounts.

- List of Important things you have also like maybe Baseball Cards that you want to go to a special person, dishes or Art Work. I have a pretty detailed list on who gets what.

- Do up special letters for loved ones to read once you pass on. It can be a loving and personal touch. I need to update mine.

- If you own a business maybe have letters of who you want to take your spot in the company if you pass and other employee movements. Possible money bonus to pay out to each employee when you pass on.

Remember we do all this prep work for our loved ones and not us. Plus, it can help make you feel like you are more organized and in control of your finances. Also, you may find items you want to pass on while you are alive or things you want to donate or sell for cash.

Remember Life is too Short. Live with No Regrets. Money can’t buy you time. So many people wait too long to retire I feel and have lost out on some great years of good health to be able to enjoy their retirement years. So, Darlene and myself want to enjoy life to the fullest now when our health is good and the boys want to spend some time with us. 

Let me know your thoughts about this blog and let me know of others you would like me to do in the future. I feel we can all learn from each other. That is why I am in the helping people retire early, enjoy life more and be more successful. Also, please see my Disclaimer page.

Don’t give up on your dreams; don’t let others talk you out of your dreams. Make your dreams happen. Make it happen today.

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