Snow Update From Colonial Beach Town Officials

This is an important message from the Town of Colonial Beach.

Currently,  four to six inches of snow is foretasted beginning on Saturday evening  into Sunday. 

The town is asking all residents to be sure to move your car from the right of way once snow begins to fall so that town crews  are able to plow. 

Snow emergency routes will be plowed first and  then secondary roads. 

Snow emergency routes include: 

  •  Cedar Avenue
  •  Riverview Drive
  •  Santa Maria
  •  Meadow Avenue
  •  Twelfth Street
  •  First  Street
  •  Dwight Avenue
  •  Myers Avenue
  •  Beach Avenue
  •  Colonial Avenue
  •  Washington Avenue
  •  North Irving Street
  •  Irving Avenue
  •  Monroe Bay  Avenue. 

A map of Emergency Snow Routes can be found on the town’s webpage,

Please be sure to follow local weather channels for updates.

Thank you and stay safe. 

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