Shinobu Project v0.3 release

Here it is! So many new things. Including a full tutorial at the beginning for both Keyboard and VR users. Highly recommended to do it first even if you've played the earlier versions.

I ran out of time trying to implement gestures for the left hand so that will come later. If you have any questions you can contact me in #discussion or if more personal send me an email at [email protected]

Map has also been optimized with occlusion, LODs and what not so it should run very well on most desktops!


You can alternatively use TAB and SPACE to maneuver in the menu for both keyboard and VR modes.

When you play chopsticks, you can press Space during your turn to combine fingers. Google "chopsticks". I will make a tutorial for that mini game later on.

GAME DOES NOT START WITH VR (for now). You can toggle VR in the pause menu. Just follow the tutorial instructions!


Fixed menu navigation for VR controllers.

Removed LEFT CONTROLLER DISCONNECTED error (might help alternative HMD VR users)

Added "RESPAWN SHINOBU" in case she gets stuck somewhere (like the pond, there's no nav for her AI there)

Fixed a few navigation meshes.

Recompiled for new SteamVR update and Oculus.


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