Changelog - April
G'morning Patrons and Patreonettes. Time to give a bit a sit-rep on where things are at. So let's start with actionable items- #bipods came out in the Marksman DLC, so late March had me combing over all previous releases, putting in the resting and bipod functionality where appropriate and reasonable. So that went out, and honestly it provided a few weapons some more pronounced benefits/detractions, which was nice. I was looking to redo the recoil on the whole lot, but I felt I was a bit time-tied, as I really wanted to get back to the main development vector, the FN M249/Minimis. I kind of feel guilty about how long the M249/Minimis are taking, given the long list of arms to go, and the couple of actual commissions in the wing, but I made a personal judgement call a fortnight ago, which was basically along the lines of - “Okay look, I can either let some detail slide and get this out in the shortest time, or I can spend as much time as this actually needs to do this right and actually kick shit up a notch.” I did the latter, obviously, because we're now in May. I think the real problem with doing the SAW as a first-project in the list was MGs are just more complex guns to do- lots of open innards, articulating joints, et etcetera. Probably about twice as much needed functional detail as compared to say a standard infantry rifle. Add to that the additional variations that are going into it, it adds up really to about 3 or 4 standard rifles, and I guess that kind of explains the extra time it's taken. The good news is that honestly it's paying off, as the overall set is at about 80% done- all the mesh work is complete, textures are close to done, animation work is getting there too.All that's left is small jobs and spit shine, so we can certainly see the end goal for the SAWs coming very close, in the next week to week and half in fact. Patreons can expect some RC build this Friday, and all things going well, public release+ source release end of next week proper. Through the building of this too I've been learning as I go about the limits of how to do public interaction. Very quickly I ran into issues with my internet crapping out while streaming. Not an ideal situation when you want to do it frequently, I'm afraid. So my fall-back has been a constant stream of images, images and tweets through twitter. It's not what I planned, but until I can get the copper wiring in the house sorted (preferably sooner than later), it's kind of what I have to go with. Also as an interesting tipping point, the more I work on the thing, the less time I have to take out to answer people questions of forums and the like, so I apologise to everyone I've not answered back on places like the BI forums- the SAW comes first. I really don't want anyone to think I've just been skiving off, collecting off Patreon like some has-been artist on royalties, so I'm genuinely trying to connect you guys with what I'm doing as much as possible. Every day I'm working on things, and bringing you guys along for that ride was part of the unwritten deal here, so if you want to know what's going on at any point on any day with regards to my stuff, @toadie2k is where you want to go, and you'll get it within the next closest waking hour I can deliver it. But enough talk, here's a little taste of the last month. Time-lapse video of just one day, in particular, the day putting together all the UV-mapped objects into proper “sheets”. - Here's some of where the extra month went- allowing for a LOT of articulation. MGs demand a lot of it, so I took account of that. - Taking some tweets: Initial rough in-game build. Very rough, not even really optimised. Baking- Texturing- RVMATs- Taking a break- Animation- Lastly, in the vein of the first video, but longer, here's the fortnight up to last Wednesday- Like I said, want to give you your moneys worth. So What's next? Well, obviously the SIG AMT/Stgw.57 was next, as was said in last month's Change-log, I've got my workspace lay out to start on that as soon as the Minimis are at the 100% in-game stage. I've also had a lot of interest in the Arctic Warfare Covert on the Patreon page, so I'm considering finishing up a couple of bits on it that need work and then pushing that out (because yes, I already have it Arma3, why would I not). Probably most urgent is some normal mapping and a non-suppressed barrel, maybe a proper Parker-Hale “ski-foot” bipod. Relatively small things. Up to you guys whether you want that more than a 7.5x55mm DMR/Battle rifle. Holler at me if you really want some AI TLC over SIG KGSD(Kill good, SIG does.) I guess that sort of sums up March-April in a nutshell, I endeavour to do more of these over the coming months, so please do stick around. Toadie out.
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