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Hi, friends!

There’s a concept that comes up fairly often when it comes to various forms of roleplay: the idea of being in a role 24/7. It’s frequently spoken about as people’s Ultimate Fantasy, not just getting to try out a role but being “””forced””” into it FOREVAR. (Extra quotation marks added for semi-sarcastic emphasis. Asking a partner to pretend to force you into a thing that you actually really really want them to do to you is a thing. Sometimes called Consensual Nonconsent. Not to be confused with Nonconsensual Nonconsent, obvi.)

Back to the subject at hand. While it might sound like a lovely idea to some, total-immersion 24/7 roleplay is a whole lot less common than people may think. And it can even be super harmful! For example, the human body is not meant to be on all fours for long periods of time. Some of the risks include muscle fatigue and back problems, not to mention sore hands and knees!

There are, however, some ways that you can incorporate elements of your favorite role in your everyday life. Here are some ideas for you to try:

  • Enjoy being a four-legged creature? Invest in some extra padding for your bedroom floor (under your rugs, or in one corner of the room), use a mattress on the ground as a bed, eat out of a bowl, switch to baths instead of showers, practice moving your hands or arms in a subtle way while you’re walking on two legs that symbolizes a four-legged gait.

  • Want to be a well-trained pony? Work on your posture, use a backpack instead of a one-shoulder bag, exercise regularly, wait patiently when you’re in a line, offer to help carry things for people, learn a choreographed dance, eat your veggies, apologize when you make a mistake, wear good shoes.

  • Prefer the thought of being someone’s adorable little pet? Be clean and well-groomed, reduce your swearing, chase shiny things, follow agreed-upon rules of conduct, try to keep a positive attitude, make lots of friends, wear something sparkly or jingly.

These are just a few examples of ways you can explore various roles any time you like. See what else you can come up with!

Even if nobody else around you is aware of it, you can still be an animal at almost any time as long as you’re being subtle enough. Find what your animal-side means to you, and create ways to bring that energy into your life. Be respectful of others and their own space, don’t involve others in your kink without their consent, and have fun exploring!

Oh, and always remember to wash your paws after using the litter box.

Love and scritches,


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