24 hours
Wow, guys. We launched less than 24 hours ago, and we've already crossed our first goal, and are super close to meeting our second! I'm stunned and humbled. I hoped for a good reception, of course, but I'm still blown away. Thank you to my special first 4 patrons! Tomorrow, look for a short video of me waxing enthusiastic about my job. We - the whole team - are passionate about our work and we're grateful for the opportunity to keep doing it. If you follow our instagram, @nightengaleneedles, you'll have already seen these Halloween pennants I'm working on! They're gonna make our table at Youmacon more festive. And, they'll be a good excuse for a micro-tutorial on effective ways to iron things and not burn your fingers off. ;) Expect that in the next day or so! In the meantime, please keep sharing our Patreon with your friends, partners, and/or relatives! It's through you voicing your love for us that others will check us out. Fuzz and love, Emily