24 more pages for BHB and project Pluto
I finished the last 24 pages for BHB, that should be it for now.

But of course I won't be idle.

Apparently I attract russian game developers like a taiwanese hooker attracts STDs, which leads me to project Pluto.

To make things short and not to take too much away, it's from a russian guy, not a visual novel and instead more of an rpg (I think), it's set in Akabur's universe and you'll probably hear a lot about it in the future. It also seems to feature one of the most interesting characters of the Disney universe as its protagonist. He really needed some more love from Disney but never got it, well, at least perverts like you and me will be able to appreciate him in that new game.

So the first 12 pages of text for that will be what I'll be focusing on for the rest of the week.

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