Episode 36: When One Side Of A Surrogacy Arrangement Has A Change Of Heart!—Cathleen McKenzie

Cathleen McKenzie was born and raised in a small town in New Brunswick, Canada where she went to school and college. She has carried 4 surrobabies to date and is currently preparing to carry another! 

Listen as Cathleen discusses:

  • Her experience as a teen mother and her inspiration to become a surrogate.
  • How surrogacy works in Canada, including a very different legal landscape from the US.
  • Being a traditional surrogate and doing an at home insemination.
  • The snags with doing traditional surrogacy in Canada where compensation is illegal — including a lack of resources like agencies and clinics.
  • The dramatic story when things took a turn for the worse with her intended parents.
  • The intended parents deciding they didn’t want the twin babies anymore around 30 weeks and what she was left to do.
  • Her advice to others wanting to be surrogates in Canada — how to protect yourself and the children.
  • How her surrogacy experiences went after the first traumatic one and about her incredible future plans. 

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