Coffee Shop - Modeling and Texturing with Maya and Photoshop - Art Spotlight, Files and Time Lapse

I have been working last weeks on this new model before continue with the Final Fantasy IX scene and I need to say it took more than what I expected, but here it is, take a look. Free Scene File attached to this post.

Youtube Process Time Lapse - Realtime Video Process - ArtStation - Sketchfab - Source Files

Coffee Shop

The final step arrives with the texture creation, at the end I use 4 pbr materials hand painted with Photoshop. 

Render with Marmoset Toolbag using 13 lights (between points and  directionals), the modeling take 15 hours and texturing 12 hours. 

It has 40k tris and is divided in 4 categories (Structure, Objects,  Engine and Posters/Decals) to makes easier the process and organized.

I hope you like this new model and series, let me know what you think and if you have suggestion or question. 

Best wishes.

- Aender Lara

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