v0.14d Public release!

UPDATE: Updated to v0.14d and fixed some bugs! 

Heya guys! So v0.14c is now out for the public! There are some pretty fun content for Jace and Gwen this time round which I think you guys might like! Quite a few of you joined the streams lately, and probably now have a good idea of what's coming next haha.

But anyway, for this release, we have:

Jace's level 3 event

Gwen's level 3 event

Peddlers in the square now sell items

Jace's level 3 repeatable events

Gwen's level 3 repeatable events

Inspection mode update, will now reflect arousal levels and control levels!

And some misc fixes for bugs and glitches!

Enough of my nonsense haha, here are the download links for the game!





As per usual, let me know if you guys have any comments, feedback or any bugs to report yeah!

P.S. Speaking of feedback, for the Patrons that might be looking at this, just a gentle reminder that the alpha demo for Jikage Rising is now out, you can download and play it here! Do leave me feedback on what you thought of it!

I have a small survey and a quick peek of what the next game will be about here! 

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