Phoenix OS ROC - FULL V4


-Some security patchs applied.
-Updated Magisk modules v18.0 (stable) and fixed mirror system problem.
-Updated Gapps v14.8.47 (Full)
-Updated Arise system equilazer modules (v2.6.0.5)
-Fixed speaker loud sound problem.
-The system firmwares was adapted to the Kernel 4.19.15 update. (You will update the kernel with new APT v2.7.0)(Not shared yet.)
-Optimized system apps ram usage.
-Activated PUBG Mobile "Emulator detection". (For ban problem)
-Now be able to preview all of the files in the NTFS disks that are being accessed.

Download Phoenix OS ROC - Full V4 : Link Size: 1090 MB

SHA-256: 3C4C514B2700C29A5EBA32518A5513560F14432E247BA37D5B049CFDB8C3DB39

 Phoenix OS ROC - Full V4 Update 1

-Fixed installation problem. ("Android-x86 installer not found")
-Fixed system initializing problem. ("Stuck boot logo") 

Download : Link

How to apply the update?
-Copy the file into the system folder. "PhoenixOS-ROC"
-For RUFUS: Copy the file into flashdisk after wrote the iso files. 

Download ViperFX : Link

Download Emulator Deactivator Patch for V4: Link 

-Because of security and magisk patches, the method of disk access has been changed.
-You will see a file in the "download" folder. You need execute that file as root user with FX file manager. All discs will then be automatically activated. Disks are disabled after each restart.
-Lite version sharing will not be done. Instead I'll add a system conversion function to the Android PC Toolbox.

-For Emulator Deactivator Patch: Extract .zip file into the /system(Root)/system folder. (FX File Manager)

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