Circe Link Officially Launches New Album
It's finally here! Circe Link's new epic album. "Bird's Amazing Odyssey & The Meaning Of Tea." Tom Slick got the chance back on Circe's birthday to have a chat with her and her partner in crime, love of her life, Christian Nesmith. To say the two of them make beautiful music together would be an understatement. They never cease to amaze me with how they dream up the musical imagery Christian paints with Circe's unique voice. The Full length album boasts an impressive eleven tracks. Yes, this one goes to eleven. Circe explained the album is a journey about a Bird who experiences the world via the newsprint used to line it's cage. For this fan, it's the perfect concept album. The design of this musical journey is meant to be listened to from top to bottom, as it tells an entire story. Several tracks blending from one to the next makes it all so seamless. Having first experienced Circe Link via there last album, "Dumb Luck." the anticipation of "Bird's Amazing Odyssey & The Meaning Of Tea" has been an exercise in patience. While, Tom Slick was given the opportunity to give an advance spin of, "Mr. Lemon's Sweet Revenge" it was such a delicious tease, it left me wanting more! Well, kids the wait has been more than worth it! This is a dynamic sound on so many levels of the music listening experience. It certainly reminds me of why I love music so much. When you reach the final track, you want to start it all over again! Remember when The Beatles released an album? (Well those of us old enough to remember) You played it over and over again! I promise you, "Bird's Amazing Odyssey & The Meaning Of Tea" falls into exactly that same category! So, you want a music experience like no other, treat yourself to this new album. Available now on Bandcamp for $9.99! Tom Slick says worth every penny! Thank you Christian and Circe for the gift of your talents and sharing them with the world.