Finally something good happened today!

First of all, sorry for lack of actual content in the Release, I kinda was nervous about the whole Article 13 shit going on, and trying to distract myself somehow until then, but hey, we got a minor Victory today! :D

So here the things I did:

  • I rewrote a bunch of old things, that I meant to get rid of since even the GT5 Days.
  • I looked back again at the Witchery Mod to update my Compat for it, since I have that Wood Registry now.
  • Rocks now have a Tooltip stating that they indicate Ores closeby.
  • The Measuring Pots can now have their Max Capacity adjusted between 1 and 1000 Liters.
  • Fertilizer from IC2 and Forestry can be made from the various kinds of Meat and ofcourse the Green Stuff you get from melting Villagers.
  • Phosphor based Materials can be used for Flint & Tinder, though they burn up instantly meaning Single Use.
  • The Pocket Multitool Chisel doesn't chisel anymore when sneaking, so Mode Switch with it wont screw you over anymore.
  • Fixed some Bug that the Lightning Rod Multiblock had regarding forming.

There we go, have a Download Page Link for Convenience and as always thank you all for your Support. ^^