Are You Ready For a Blast of Winter?

This weekend, here in Eastern Kentucky, we are getting a bunch of different winter weather. It is beginning as rain, then becoming sleet, moving over to all snow in the end. In our area, which is fairly rural, if the power goes out from ice, it can take a while before it can be restored. We know this so we prepare for that "just in case" scenario.

We have propane fireplaces for heat so we will stay warm in the event of power outages we will be warm. However, what about other things like cooking, water, and food? We have those covered as well. We have a propane grill to cook on, we have water stockpiled, and since I can and dehydrate, we are equipped with plenty of food. 

We try to be prepared for every possibility so winter storms and power loss are on that list. Do you have preparations for winter storms too?

We are not having to run to the store to get milk and bread. We have those already. We are not running out to get a generator, we do not need one, yet. However, we are doing some things that everyone should do in this scenario. What are those things?

To make it easier, here is our list for emergencies. Our list is what our household needs, your list will have more or less depending on your family's needs. 

1. Make sure flashlights are charged and ready

2. Charge up all electronic devices so we have contact with others and news

3. Check water stockpile

4. Check our propane tanks on the grill to make sure we can cook

5. Do the dishes 

6. Wash up laundry

7. Fill up the car with gas in case we need to leave

8. Check our supply of candles/matches

9. Make sure our animals have food

10. Make sure all our medications have been filled

When you plan ahead and prepare by knowing your needs and supplying them, you will be ok. In case of emergency, you will not feel the dread that most feel, worrying about rushing to the store and finding things they need are gone. 

Proper planning is critical and necessary. If you can be prepared, you will face situations with a calmness knowing you have what you need.