Zombiebound Reloaded some info about the Alpha

Tomorrow January 23rd Zombiebound Reloaded alpha will be available to my $5 tier patrons.

The first alpha version of the game will include two levels. The "Farmhouse" and the "Abandoned Store". You will get a link to download the homebrew game in .vpk format for homebrew enabled PS Vitas only.

The Farmhouse is a small level perfect for close combat against the hordes of zombies. If you feel trapped you can unlock the door to get access to the outside yard.

The  Abandoned Store is a medium sized level with more room to run and protect yourself. You can also unlock the main entrance to go outside where you can find a better weapon to purchase.

This first version of the game will also have 4 weapons. Like the first game your character will be able to hold up to two weapons. His main weapon is always a pistol with infinite ammo, while the secondary weapon can be purchased from the various points of each level (they will appear as a graffiti on walls).

Hi-score is saved for each level locally and you can view it from the main menu. You can also adjust aiming sensitivity to your liking.

More updates will come latter with new content and improvements thanks to your feedback. For all your suggestions or ideas about the gameplay you can comment here or you can contact me with a pm on my Twitter page.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first alpha release.