Fluidized Bed Burning Boxes!

Someone pointed out that the larger Boilers are impossible, so considering how easy it can be sometimes to give me ideas, I started doing Fluidized Bed Burning Boxes, and gave them some considerable Bonus when it comes to Fuel Value (x3) and Output Rate (x4), compared to regular Solid Burning Boxes, enabling one higher Tier of Large Boilers for actual profitable use, though considering how these Boxes work you will need a lot of Extenders.

To achieve this Bonus, you need to pump in molten Calcite, and you can only use specific Fuels in Dust Form, such as Coal, Charcoal, Coke, Lignite or Peat.

You can use the Measuring Pot and a Funnel to insert molten Calcite from a Crucible, but that way is ofcourse intentionally tedious, as you're not intended to actually use it before having a Smelter.

The Fluidized Bed Burning Box behaves like a regular Solid Burning Box in every other aspect, except that you cant just shovel out Ashes while the thing is running, for that you definitely need a Hopper.

Another thing I added was Turf to the Worldgen in Swampy Areas. It will drop Peat when harvested with a Shovel, and itself when harvested via Spade or Silk Touch. Turf behaves like Mud in Block form, so you can grow certain Plants like Sugarcane on it.

I also fixed up Worldgen in Twilight Forest to allow for Black Sand, Clay Pits and now also Turf to generate there, since that place is only half as tall as the normal Overworld, messing with the Y-Values of the Generator.

So, that was the update for this week. Could have been more if OvermindDL1 didn't happen to have an extraordinary amount of surplus Freetime (aka two days off of work), causing me to play way too much modded Factorio with him. We are currently at the stage of processing Bobmonium Ore into Zinc Ore and Cobalt Ore, but we dont smelt it yet.

The Ore Processing in Angel-Bobs is nice from a Game Design perspective too as they just make up random Ores that happen to output Earlygame Stuff first and get Lategame Stuff after a bit of Processing has been done.

Though I think there is even better ways if a System like the one I eventually plan for my Game exists, where everything can be simplified based on Resource Difficulty (which could even be on a per Player basis), so I can take IRL Ores and if the Resource Difficulty is Easy, then most is just seen as "Metal Ore" instead of Iron, Copper or Tin Ore, and in the harder ones even Hematite, Malachite and Cassiterite Ore instead of those.

There we go, Download Page Link for Convenience, thank you all for your Support, and have fun with the insight I just gave above. ;D