O Death, Where is Thy Victory?

I shall not die before the glistening dew

On valiant memory's hallowed blossom branch

Drips plenty, shimmering, satin as the moon

And the famished earth, tearful-trembling springs anew

With all that ever beat, and all that ever bled in torture's myriad harmonies

As the sun's renewal shines majestic on our sorrow

And peals of change's comfort flutter in the breeze. 


I shall not cease to speak, while Rachel's well

Her crystal waters glimmering in the sun

Flow freely, sweetly, bitterly as honey,

Sweet as wormwood, blest as erstwhile manna

O sacred is the festival of our running!

As light undying illumines e'en that last dread vast Gehenna!


I shall not cease to reason, while the porch of Athens

However dusky, dirty, be defiled

Though tongues may cease, the mind's immortal wheels

Reflect, resplendent, their great sire, Father Time, 

O great the man, pure the woman, on whom Athena sets her seal!

How blest the dawnbreak, heart's cry with Truth to rhyme!

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