Admin Update: Masterlist + Note of Thanks

Nothing new in this post because I wanted to use it as a way to clean up my patreon a bit; and also just classify/organize everything for anyone coming in that's new. I will possibly move this post into the "profile" of the patreon page, since it'll make it easier to edit, but for now-- it'll be standalone as a post!

Posts will be organized on date of publication (most recent at top). A lot of them tend to overlap but I thought it'd be worth just having them somewhat organized as a hyperlinked list with some descriptors for those who wanted to go back and read some of them!

Things I bought/Update Posts

These posts are more self indulgent for myself to share things that I'm excited about and experiences I've had that I thought was worth sharing. It's nice to have a place to archive them to look back on in the future.

Art Posts

Self explanatory. I think this is what most people tend to follow me for, which is just art I created. Most of the time it's created on paper/in a sketchbook (I use the same ones available in my store) using ink or watercolour.

Ink/Merch Production/Resource Posts

These posts are more informative and long, but shares some things that I think is quite useful and might be something different. I spend a lot of time on these but they are definitely my favourite ones to write and compile. I'm hoping I can make more of these types of post in 2019!

Store/Ink Shop Posts

As much as it feels a bit commercial to constantly make update posts that are store-centric, I feel like it's somewhat necessary to be able to keep making the things I want to make, and often I'm more excited to announce the items that I have made in the past while. I love to spend a lot of time thinking about merch I'd like to make and want them to be useful to those who purchase them, not to be hoarded as a limited edition thing. I hope that these posts are ones that people are happy to see and read, rather than groan at the thought of more things that are being advertised as an enticing thing to buy..!

While just a summary post, I hope this update gives people an opportunity to revisit some of them! Personally, I had fun scrolling through what I did through the year in 2018.

A Small Note of Thanks

Finally, I just wanted to end this off by taking this small opportunity to express my thankfulness again to the patrons who have come and gone, the ones who stick around but with restrictions to their support, and to the ones who continue to stick around-- thank you so much. 

I honestly would've dropped this project a long time ago (or felt less held accountable to it) and especially since life has gotten increasingly busy, particularly at the latter half of last year -- I'm wrapping up my second degree and finding work, been getting used to and learning how to be in a relationship (lol;;), keeping up with store orders and making new merch, while still finding time to relax and still do the things I love.. it's always been a challenge, but it's one that I know is accomplishable for myself. 

Thank you for the kind words, the monetary support, and just the overall feeling of knowing there's people out there who like this sort of work/content. 

It really means a lot, thank you.

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