Hey guys! So, in a few days here, I'll be in Chicago for a week to be with Lightrayne! I'm going to ACEN as well. Are any of you going? If so, send me a message! I'd love to meet up! This months raffle is going to be done after I get back. I'm also planning a nice little surprise for you guys here. Those of you who I owe buttons, fret not! I'm hoping to send them out very soon, if not just after I get back from Chicago. :) Progress is moving slow still on owed work, but it's getting there! I'm nearing completion for Aywenia, and then will be getting to some others of you! If you're not sure if I'm working on something for you, please do message me again to confirm that I am indeed making something for ya! What do you guys wanna see from me while I'm in Chicago? Anything cool? Do you wanna see lots of updates? Maybe a video from me and Rayne? Lemme know! I can do that for you guys! I will try to get some cool video from ACEN as well! :D