The Best Advice I Ever Received (exclusive clip from 'The Manifesting Movie')

Back in 2017, I was interviewed for a new documentary called "The Manifesting Movie" and it's just now been released to a very very very small audience.

First, my friend and creator of the movie, Karl Moore, has shared it with the people in his community. Secondly, the people in our community.

That's it.  As of now, nobody else has access to this new documentary.

I hope you enjoy the clip above -and- I hope you enjoy the movie!

Note: After you signup to watch the movie, Karl will email you the link and password to watch the movie. Be sure to check your email for access to the movie. 

While you're waiting for that email to arrive, our friend Bob Doyle (from "The Secret") will also share with you some tips about manifesting as well as introduce you to Karl's new online training "The No B.S. Manifesting Course." Also, if you do buy anything from Karl then he'll give me a small finder's fee - his way of saying "Thanks Chris, for introducing your community to my work." 

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