No SD Pages in February

Hey y'all! You might have already seen me talk about this on my Twitter, but my February is just going to be crazy. I have to work at a three-day convention, then I have a medical procedure, then I go on a trip to Japan with my friends. I don't think I'll be able to update Slightly Damned during that month. I think it would be smarter to wait, rest, and resume updating in March. (In fact, maybe making a big buffer of Slightly Damned comics should be my priority when I get back...)

The last Slightly Damned page to go up before I leave will be page 900. If you're a $10+ patron and have already seen it, you still won't see page 901 until March. I figured it was a good place to take a breather before we continue with the story.

I am bringing my iPad with me to Japan, and I intend to make a second attempt at drawing some autobiographical comics while I'm there. Or, if nothing else, maybe I'll paint or doodle, I dunno. It's no replacement for Slightly Damned comics, but I don't want to be completely quiet while I'm gone, either.

Lastly, Slightly Damned's 15th anniversary is on March 14th. I don't normally celebrate Slightly Damned's birthday with anything more than a half-melted ice cream sandwich, but if anyone's got any ideas for what they would like to see for the anniversary, I am willing to listen. A special wallpaper? A commemorative enamel pin? I can't promise anything, but maybe if there's enough interest... who knows?

Leave your suggestion below if anything comes to mind!

And thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support you've given me. I couldn't have made it this far without your help!