What is Patreon and how does it work

I get asked this a lot so I thought i'd explain a little more on how rewards are distributed. The content here is exclusive and doesn't get posted anywhere else! Well...for the most part. I might post a preview for Instagram and Facebook but full shoots and lingerie, selfies Cosplay music videos etc are for here only. I can be a little more free and open here on Patreon, this is a big reason why I chose to do Patreon. I can post as much as I want and not feel self conscious or like i'm posting too much! 

My Patreon is set up to charge up front which means you get immediate access to any content, photos, pictures videos ETC I have posted. Yes everything for that tier!

Snapchat! Its like our own personal text group but with pics and videos. I think its one of the best tools to keep in constant contact with everyone and a great way to get to know everyone. We call my snapchat the Smoosh Room LOL just to give you an idea. 

Prints are distributed monthly! The tiers are highlighted in the OVERVIEW section but PHYSICAL REWARDS aka prints start at 25 (us) and 35 (international) for a  8x12 exclusive print and lingerie postcard (yes thats two exclusives a month) and the physical rewards go up from there. 

Dropbox Digital Content is distributed at a random day of the month where I send you a link and you can access everything that I post for that month. If you join after I distribute the dropbox links I will still send you the link, just might take a few days! 

Physical rewards are sent at a random day each month only because my schedule IS CRAZY (cons, I have a second job for now sigh, appearances) !  Sometimes its early and some times its later in the month but you will get it no matter when you join my Patreon that month. 

Vlogs and Videos (lingerie or cosplay) are delivered via password protected Vimeo high def links. 

Fan signs are sent to you monthly via email or snapchat

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask! Thank you for supporting my Patreon <3 means a lot to me. You guys allow me to do what I love for a living and for that I thank you. 

xo Soni

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