Hello dear friends of Music Mission, A quick update on a workshop you all sponsored this month in the Mexican state of Michoacan. On May 7th, I visited the small ranching community - about 4 blocks long and wide - of Zacapendo, Michoacan. This is a beautiful part of Mexico, surrounded by mountains in the distance and heavy farm sun. We spent a few hours at the town's school, where students from 6 to ages 17 study in a 4 classroom building. I was joined by jazz trumpet great Phil Grenadier from Boston. 38 young people attended the workshop on expression using the language of music. Our goal with these workshops is to encourage healthy expression and the development of dialogue. Music is the best way I know to get kids creating relationships based on listening and respect with each other. We got everyone singing, some of the kids on guitar, dancing, moving and experimenting with sharing their story through music . It was a good start and we will continue work with the community over the next year. Thank you to Teacher Paloma and our friends in Morelia, Michoacan for helping us in realizing this workshop. And of course, thanks to you. Have you seen our other Episodes up at YouTube? EPISODE 1 at CECAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoFuveZ2Nvw