Gas related Stuff

I got sick Friday afternoon, or injured however you wanna define it. I'm fine again by now and didn't get any poisoning from that shit, so no need to worry. But I was quite irritated during most of the week, so barely anything got done...

Not going into more detail on that one, like I would usually do, so I'm gonna go ahead and talk about the other Gas related things, that GT6 has received yesterday.

Barometer Gas Cylinders are the new Counterpart to Measuring Pots, but for Gasses. They can contain 8000 Liters of Gas (because "compressed" Gas) and have the same "Limiting"-Ability as the Measuring Pots. Available in the Steel, Stainless and Tungsten Variants.

Looking back at January, I get really mixed feelings as to what the heck was going on, lots of good things and lots of distracting things at the same time... Productivity definitely took a hit this month...

Not gonna eat certain types of Chocolate anymore, simply to reduce the probability of the stuff above from happening again, because that was rather scary.

Well, thank you all for your continued Support and have a Download Page Link for convenience as always. Now excuse me I need to think of a way to be more productive because this recent lack of Features annoys me a lot... :/