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Of Judy Stroat & Just Romantique

Dearest friends and supporters!

On a cold evening of the last day of January I'm happy to give you a whole new album release and a new video!

Perhaps I have already mentioned where the music for this album comes from. The title of the album is an anagram for you to solve.

But beyond that, the music was made though various real-life processes; on rehearsals, in the studio; I was (and we all were) searching for the atmosphere, for the ambience, for the space inbetween the atoms, breaths, thoughts, motions and desires, further reworked, polished in the timbre and the textures...

Well, the video in fact reveals a lot which process this is coming from. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to make another sonic story - which supported another masterpiece, but also stands on its own - I enjoy creating new spaces for imagination, thought, and e/motion. I hope they touch you too.

Listen on Bandcamp (link below), where you can also download the whole album by clicking 'Buy', entering 0€, and clicking again on the link below confirming that you don't want to pay (that's O.K. - i'm giving this out for free - as always!)