Episode 7 Now Available! (Updated to 7.0.6)

Episode 7 is now available for everyone to play.

Go on the mission to Gorivaz to rescue Anaya and see the beginning of where the choice you made in Episode 5 is going to take you.

Get it here: http://starshipinanna.com/Download.html

v7.0 Initial Release

~ Patreon Exclusive Gallery fixed
~ Credits actually updated this time.

~Fixed a bug in Episode 1 if you talk to Chole or David in the Infirmary
~Episode 7 title screen now reads Episode 7 (still embarrassing)
~All Wiki links in Scene Gallery now point to the respective World Anvil pages.
~Minor typo and grammatical fixes

~Added a scene to Episode 6 to avoid players getting stuck in a loop if the only characters available in Block 3 are, presently engaged.  Ashe now has a short conversation with the Commander (with new art for it, nothing big though, just under-armor suit)
~Re-rendered the crew member doors in Episode 6
~Bunch of typo fixes in early episodes.