Lutris 0.5.0 is finally here!

I am very glad to announce the release of Lutris 0.5.0. This version is a great step for the project, bringing a refreshed UI and the very awaited GOG integration to the client. As the state of gaming on Linux greatly improved, it was only normal to have a gaming client that matched this level of quality. The current combination of NVidia 415 / Mesa 19, Wine TkG 4.0 and DXVK 0.96 produces such fantastic results that they are newsworthy.

We have never seen such a high level of compatibility in games, there are now very few titles that aren't playable on Linux (mostly due to incompatible DRMs or anti cheats), I hope with Lutris to bring this level of compatibility even higher, to give our users access to the very latest techniques available to run games. An example of such a feature is the newly added ability to install cab components in installation scripts.  Such a feature is used in the GOG version of Darksiders Warmastered Edition to provide support for Windows Media Foundation (the game doesn't have any cinematics otherwise). This feature can be applied to other games using MF, such as the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake!

The Witcher 3 is now fully playable, even on a 3.5 year old computer!

With this release, there were a lot of improvements under the hood, cleaning some old code up, and fixing many bugs. Lutris is approaching 10 years old and it was my first Python project so some parts showed their age… and my inexperience back then. We are now in a position where I feel like the project is under better control, with a more stable code base and ready to evolve for the future.

I would like to give a huge shout out to everyone who has helped making this release possible. First to cxf and Tannis Root, who have been both very helpful in the amount of QA they did for this release. Also a huge thank you to every one who contributed patches: daniel-j, RobLoach, manuelVo, Tom-Todd, PythonicChemist, sigmaSd, Medath, telanus, BunnyApocalypse, openglfreak, Riesi, AlexanderRavenheart, camdenorrb, LeandroStanger and marius851000, you are all awesome! Very special thanks to TingPing, for putting the initial work for the new Gtk UI, it took a while to get it shipped but there we are now :D And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Aaron Opfer, who has provided in a couple of patches the solution to all our so dreaded process monitoring issues. That seriously blew me away!

Let's not forget that this is the "point zero" of a new cycle, there are plenty of things to come in the future. I am still working full time on the project and will be doing so at least until the 0.5.1 release. What happens next mostly depends on the financial support I receive from all of you. I am more than willing to keep working on Lutris full time, given I receive the funds to do it. I wanted to experiment with this release and see if shipping an open source product that is more carefully crafted would bring a sustainable revenue. The next few weeks will determine the success of this experiment and, hopefully, gives me enough resources to live as a fully independent open source developer. If this turns out to be a success and I don't need to look for another source of income, that could mean some serious changes in the pace of development of the project. In other words, the more you give now, the faster you'll get Lutris 1.0!

The next big milestone for Lutris is SCaLE 17x, the Socal Linux Expo in Pasadena, California from March 7th to 10th. While I did present Lutris during the past events, this is the first year where Lutris will have its very own booth! If you are around, please come say hello! 

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