State of the Projects: February (and send in your questions!)

(I'm setting this post as public so that non-patrons can see some of what's coming up over here at Patron; there will be some patron-specific behind the scenes post in the next few days that get much more into the details!)

It's already February and I'm not sure how I feel about that! We did manage to find a house, the joys of housing discrimination aside, and the move in date is next Saturday. So things have calmed down a lot here post-Podcon and I have until the 28th to be out of this apartment, which means I can hopefully do a fairly leisurely move. Current goal is to get the necessities and big things in on next Saturday and then move the rest in over the rest of the month. I'm really excited to no longer spend like, 4-6 hours (or sometimes more lolsob) a week driving back and forth to see my girlfriend and I think once the move is over I'll have a lot more energy, which should translate into more stuff for y'all!

So that's the non-project state of things, here's how the projects are going: 

  • Serendipity City: I've got some exciting stuff planned for season two, including a new cast member (omfg I'm so amped), but we haven't started recording yet. As I mentioned in the other post, the move date was so up in the air it was making it hard to plan anything - especially knowing that audio in the new place will probably sound a lot better. I have the one-shot material all prepped for the minute that all of us can get in the same spot at the new place, so gods willing that's coming up soon, and I plan on recording 1:1 sessions with each of the players to set up season two starting the third or fourth week of February, after which we'll be jumping back into campaign play. 
  • Ramblin': I've previously posted the v1 of the storytelling game I'm working on about road trips as self discovery, and I'm almooost done with the completed version. I should have that to $5+ patrons next week (in text format, at least), and I'll also upload the finalized PDF version once it's done with illustrations and layout, etc. for $10+ patrons. 
  • Unplaced: We've got two episodes almost done (only thing left on episode one is the score), but I really want to have three in the can before we start releasing them to the public. As soon as the episodes are done, though, I'll be releasing them here for $2+ patrons. 
  • Worldslip: I've stalled out a bit on book two in January, but once I'm in the new place I feel pretty confident I'll be able to pick up the pace again. I'll probably be posting some excerpts in the next month or two (with the understanding that they're unedited and also some might contain spoilers). 
  • Punk urban fantasy game: This is the PBTA hack I've referenced before. I really need to get drafts of at least some of the playbooks and basic moves done before we'll be able to record much for season two of SC, so patrons at the $5+ level will be getting notes about my process and how I'm approaching this soon, and patrons at the $15+ level will be getting the WIP playbooks, basic moves, etc. as I complete drafts of them that we'll be playtesting in season two of SC. 
  • Other projects: I have an outline for a short story that I just need to have the time to write, am planning on entering two podcast script contests in the next month or two so I'll be sharing drafts of those scripts, and would really like to start on my next audio fiction and/or one of my interactive story ideas soon, but I don't have a set timeline on any of those (except for the contests, one of which is due 2/28 and one of which isn't due 'til like, June). 
  • Patreon-specific content: Aside from the things mentioned on this list, I'll be continuing the Behind the Readings series about the Serendipity City and aiming to do a lot more process stuff. I really enjoy seeing other peoples' process and I've done some retooling of my workflow in the last few months, so I have a few posts planned from how I use bullet journal to how I set up a job for the SC crew to how I use Lenormand & tarot to brainstorm. (If you have anything in specific you want me to cover, definitely let me know!) 

This is also your regular reminder to send in questions for the Q&A post! Anyone at any level can send in a question, but the Q&A posts will only be visible to people at the $5 & up level. 

A few guest spots...

When I was looking at the other posts, I realized that I didn't ever update with a note that my Party of One and Spirits episodes were up! You can find out more about them below: 

Amanda, Julia, and Jeff are all incredibly gracious hosts and I'm really happy with how the episodes came out, and had a lot of fun recording them. 

That's it for now, let me know if you have any questions! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and that you & your's are staying safe and warm. 


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