Recent updates to

New web UI layout for mobile devices!
A few days ago, I redesigned a the webpage layout a bit to better support mobile devices. (finally!) Though the layout isn't very perfect, at least it's easier to use and browse compared to the fixed viewport before. Try the webpage now at

Natural Scene Cutter for video preview
I started a new project late October 2018 to cut video scene previews naturally, by detecting timestamp boundaries of a scene. This method is better than the fixed time offset cutting. So you can loop the video of the scene. I'm still writing description of this project, which you can find it on Github

GIF Preview for Telegram bot
To try the natural scene cutter, you can use the Telegram bot.
Send an image with caption "mute", and it will return a muted video preview (same as GIF), which can loop a scene.

API updates
The natural scene cutter can also be used via API now.
The API and API docs have updated to resolve some confusions around search image format and error handling issues. Now the API has removed strict restrictions on image format and is supporting both JSON and FORM POST. Details are written in

Dockerizing sola
sola is now mostly dockerized. It is a lot easier for developers to setup their own video scene search engine now. Instructions are written in details in the project:

The domain incident hit this project quite hard last October. But with the help of fans and developers around the world, the daily search queries has now restored to same levels as half a year ago. Thank you for all your support!! ;)