Issue 042 - The Rules of Engagement

After a bit of a hiatus, we're back with 2CGaming's current take on mass-army combat, the Rules of Engagement (working title).

Beyond the mechanics included here (which afford the PCs agency to participate in the combat either as individuals or parts of combat units), you'll notice a couple of changes with this and future issues.

(1) Ryan Servis will be taking over creation of Patreon posts (and working with you lovely people both here and on discord). Expect to see a solid blend of interesting mechanics and well-designed monsters moving forward

(2) We'll be planning publication of two posts  monthly. One post will help herald future projects (the Rules of Engagement, for example, heralds Epic Legacy 2). The other project will be our "Monster-a-Month", which brings to you monsters in the style of the Total Party Kill Bestiary.

(3) Finally, we've revamped our formatting - streamlining it a little for ease of development and reading. It's a little less fancy, but a good deal more functional.

Interested in your thoughts and opinions below on both these changes and the Rules of Engagement, and looking forward to a ton of great content in 2019!

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