Yii development notes #26

Hello in 2019!

Here's fresh development notes issue. Start of the year wasn't easy for me but was definitely good for Yii.

Yii 2.0

Yii 2.0.16 was released fixing more than a hundred issues including security ones. That was a long delayed release due to both shortage of time and quite active Yii 3.0 planning and development. Huge thanks to Mehdi Achour, @machour, who pushed it forward, Dmitry Naumenko, @SilverFire who prepared security fixes, Carsten Brandt who tagged release and re-checked everything, and, of course, community members who submitted numerous pull requests.

Extensions and Infrastructure

Last but not least, first stable version of bootstrap 4 extension for Yii 2.0 was released.

Yii 3.0

  • Mehdi Achour (@machour) and Fabrizio Caldarelli actively helped development during these months. Thanks!
  • Tests are going green repository by repository.
  • Fixed issues on 32bit systems and Windows. Didn't took much time so... why not?
  •  There are Docker images for Yii 3.0 available.  
  • Some conceptual issues were identified that aren't easy to solve with just refactoring. I am considering taking some time and re-designing these parts of the framework from scratch instead of rushing keeping these flaws in 3.0.

Other news

  • Invested some time into PSR-12. Together with working group we've fixed all the issues we think were critical so it's going back to review stage. Hope this time it will go much better and we'll have up to date coding style soon.
  • Charles R. Portwood II is working on Yii 2 PSR-7 bridge to allow Yii 2 to be executed using RoadRunner, alternative PHP process-manager written with golang. Benchmarks are interesting. Yii 3 should be able to execute in such environment natively.
  • Number of projects published at YiiPowered, Yii-based projects showcase, grew to 464! We're close to 500. If you have a project you can share there, please do.

Besides what's written above some interesting things happened that are too early to write about but that would definitely affect Yii overall in a positive way.