Logan’s Fundraiser results after two weeks

Two weeks ago Logan signed up to go on a School Trip to Peru to help volunteer and expand his Spanish skills. I started a Go Fund Me page and a Facebook Fundraiser to help raise money for his trip. We didn’t ask for the total amount of his cost but just the basic fee and airline ticket costs. 

I sent the fundraiser info to our Family and friends. Using Social Media, Email and texts we reached over 15,000 people. Only one person donated in two weeks.

Here are the results after two weeks:

Facebook Fundraiser – 1 Donation from a friend of mine for $20. After Facebook fees of 82 cents are taken out it, so a net for Logan of $19.18.

Go Fund Me Fundraiser – 0 Donation. They have fees also if anyone would donate. 

As you can see Facebook and Go Fund Me makes some money on promoting fundraisers. 

It is funny how you see people waste money on things and people they don’t know. But they aren’t able to help a High School kid out with even a $1. Think if only 26.33% of 15,000 people I sent the info out to donated $1 then his trip would be largely funded. You can really see who your close friends and family are when you have a business, or you need help moving or you have a fundraiser. Logan said his friends had Go Fund Me pages and wanted me to do it for him. I told him I have had a Patreon Account for two years and only one donator out of over 15,000 people. Crazy… 

Even asking people to share your posts or help you move most people won’t help out. But last week when I went to the Golf Tournament there was a ton of people there buying tickets, beet, drinks and food with no care in the world. 

Below tells more about his Peru School trip and click on this link to donate.

Our son Logan is going to Peru for his Spanish Class. They will be doing service work there and learning about Peru. Service Adventures combine local homestays, adventure travel, and meaningful service projects. Students will be truly immersed in our host communities allowing them the time to reflect on their complex and important role as global citizens.

Peru Service Adventure
Immense, rugged, colorful, vibrant and mystic. No one word or idea can embody a land so diverse in geography, culture and history. Peru is the destination for adventure. Whether tracking a wild boar in the Amazon Basin, dancing to salsa music in Lima, watching wheat sway in the shadow of the mighty Andes, or spying a rainbow forming above the ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru will take your breath away.

The contrasts of Peru permeate every part of the country. Despite its beauty, there are large discrepancies among socioeconomic classes and wide differences in standards of living throughout the country. Travel with us to Peru and explore this unique country, combining meaningful service with an unforgettable adventure.

Logan decided to devote a week of my time this summer to help people in need. He also would like to become a fluent Spanish-speaker, and there is no better way to do this than to immerse myself in the language. With these two goals in mind, He went out and found a program in Peru where he will have the chance to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and at the same time practice my Spanish with fluent speakers.

The organization he is traveling with is called Walking Tree Travel/ Smithsonian Student Adventures, and their mission is to inspire people like me to become global citizens by taking an active interest in the world around them. He will be traveling around Peru with a group of students my age, and [living with a host family in a small village where we’ll complete a community service project living at a research camp where he be assist researchers] and experience a completely different culture. He chose this program because he believe that spending time in a different country will allow me to meet new people, gain new skills, and explore the opportunities that are open to me during and after college.

He is really excited to be part of the Walking Tree Travel/ Smithsonian Student Adventures team; there are a limited number of students that participate in these programs every year, and I’ve already been accepted to the program of my choice in Peru In order to go on the trip, He has to raise $3,950 to cover the cost of his tuition, airfare, and vaccinations. I am writing to ask if you would be willing to invest in him, since this experience will not only impact a community in need, but will give him a whole new set of skills and perspectives.

Please Click here if you would like to donate to Logan.  

Logan appreciates any size donations.

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