“What’s your greatest accomplishment?” “I’m not sure if I consider any of my accomplishments great, but anytime I’ve brought a bunch of people together I feel really good. I’m pretty good at throwing surprise birthday parties.”
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Special Access. Get behind the scenes looks at upcoming stories, or stories we don't share to the larger community.

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See the trailer and behind the scenes footage from the upcoming SOULS of San Francisco documentary: Ignition.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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See some of the best pics + stories compiled in it's own unique spin showing Dijon's journey through the first few years of SOULS of San Francisco.
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Google Hangout with SOULS Ambassador

Once a month a SOULS storyteller will host a google hangout session with the Patreon community to answer and questions and listen to the everyday experiences of the people in this group. You'll also have to chance to share what resonates most about what SOULS is doing and share things you might like to see in the future.
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Get your SOULS portrait taken and story featured on the blog. MUST BE IN THE BAY AREA.
You'll get
The content/style of the story is completely up to the storyteller you're paired with.

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Dijon will give you a 1 on 1 personal tour of San Francisco and take you to the secret magical spots in the city.

You'll also get the t shirt, tote bag, and post card.
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