Beta Testing Update and FAQ

Hello friends, followers, and patrons! We are now in February, so I am sure you are interested in learning more about upcoming beta testing phases. 

I am currently targeting a first available Beta build released for all Patreon supporters on Friday, February 15. Please be friendly towards me if the actual release of this test build ends up being a few days sooner or later than the 15th, but I wanted to give everyone a clear expectation right away.

The next Alpha release, 0.1.5, will be dropping this week. After that I will be prioritizing quality of life features, new player experience, and introductory documentation to help ease a new set of testers into the process.

Below, I have added some frequently asked questions (and answers) about the beta testing process. Let me know on Discord or in the comments section what questions you have that I can add to this list!

Beta Testing FAQ:

When will beta testing start?

I am currently shooting for Friday, February 15th for the first beta build.

How long will beta testing last?

I expect the Beta test to span about 6 months, but that could vary considerably depending on feedback and outstanding features.

How often will updates be pushed?

I hope to continue the pace of releasing a new update version approximately every 7-10 days.

Will there be an open beta that is available to anyone, free of charge?

Not at this time. My plans are to only do a closed beta for Patreon supporters.

What will be the Patreon support fee to participate in the closed Beta test?

Just before the beta test begins I will be locking the $3/month supporter tier as a way to say "thank you" to everyone who has been supporting this project since an early date. Those supporters will lock-in that support level throughout the closed beta cycle. For additional supporters I will be opening a $5/month tier to opt-in to the closed beta phases. 

What does Beta testing mean for Alpha supporters?

I want to provide some perks/rewards for those of you who continue supporting at the Alpha tiers. My current plan is to have two build versions, one for beta testers which is (hopefully) more stable but receives less frequent updates and another for Alpha testers which has more frequent updates allowing them to get their hands on new features first. Alpha testers will, of course, have the option of using the stable Beta build if they prefer that to the latest version.

Will worlds or content created using the Beta build be valid for use once the release is made available?

Yes. All your content or creations will carry forward. I do not anticipate any significant issues with changes that break backwards compatibility. Please feel empowered to begin creating worlds that you plan to use for a long time!


Thanks to everyone for your continued support and feedback. If you have questions, concerns, or disagreements with any of these points please don't hesitate to reach out!

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