Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player v3.0.

UPDATE 12.08.2019 We're working on a fix to repair the grid masking where the brush disappears sometimes. In the meantime we implement great new features, like custom FOW opacity on the manager window, default grid scale settings, prop hierarchy, easier prop browsing and much more. It's coming soon as a free upgrade, thank you for your patience.
UPDATE 26.07.2019 A bug fix for the WIN version is available to download. (Go to INFO menu in Editor and reach the shared folder from there clicking "Check for updates". If you don't find it because the Editor won't open for you, rename or delete the resource folder before launch. Editor will stand up if the resources folder is empty. Or you can contact me of course and I'll resend you the download link if you've purchased the app but don't have the link anymore.)
We've fixed the thumbnail generation problem, which occurred because on Windows, the app could not copy a file that is open or a directory  that contains a file that is open.  Now we fixed this, so hopefully there won't be more problem with the thumbnail generation. This bug caused black screen on load from some users. (The default installation folder of the app is now user/Desktop/DynamicDungeons which can be changed of course during the setup, but it still not making shortcuts. That'll be fixed later.) Also there was a bug which came out when the grid was masked, now the player will correctly show the mask.

UPDATE. 16.07.2019.
I’m pleased to announce the biggest update to date for the Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player!  With this, the program has grown into a really useful DM tool. 

This update is now free for anyone who has purchased any previous version.  If you've lost the original download url find the "check for updates" button under the Editor's INFO menu and reach the installation folder from there, or contact me on [email protected] and I'll resend you the download link. (If you haven't already purchased the software, BUY IT NOW)

What's new?

We've completely redesigned the core of the program, so no Visual C ++ redistribution or Adobe Air framework is required to run, this caused compatibility problems for some of the users.  We also solved the problem when custom sizing percent was set for "Resize text, apps and other items" in Windows.

Let's see what's new in PLAYER MANAGER that has undergone a humongous transformation:

1. Move Props and Particle Effects and Settings directly from Manager

From now on, the png props and particle effects drag and drop onto the manager, the props moved using the manager appear to the players with the same, scale, rotation, position, etc.
The prop menu is always active and shows details of the currently selected prop. More than 15 new particle effect is coming with the app.

2. Visible / invisible for players option

This extremely useful option allows certain props to become visible to players when the story requires them.

3. Adding notes to the props

The prop menu also contains a small text box where DM can write comments, such as the current HP for a monster, etc.

4. Story Matrix in the manager

The third window of Player Manager is the story matrix window.  Not only can you navigate through scenes with your keyboard's keys, but you can navigate to any of the scenes in the story matrix with a simple click and the new scene will appear with a nice transition effect.

5. Auto launch and close of the Player

You do not need to open and close the manager and the player separately, everything is done by the Player Manager.

6. Living background and live particle effects on the Player Manager

Instead of still images in the player manager, it can be a video now. This can be set separately if your machine is strong enough, this function is off by default.  A file called config.json is created in the Documents/dynamicdungeons folder, in which you can choose to display a video or a thumbnail, and the size of the thumbnail can also be set.  Read more about config.json in the extended help which is coming soon with some tutorial videos.

7. Player manager has various size options. Press 1 to 5 when pm is active to get the preferred size. (2 is default)

The app comes with lots of new particle effects and some default dungeon grids, these will be available to download separately soon.

 More details:

 - The editor scans the library at startup and recreates thumbnails if you set this feature in the configuration file.
 - When the grid is turned on, the quad grid is the default from now
- A tutorial video and an updated HELP doc  is coming soon

Known issues:

-  The Windows installer doesn't create a folder in your start menu, so find your files manually in the installation folder and make a shortcut for easier access. Browse to the folder that contains the program. The default location is C:\Program Files\DynamicDungeons\Editor (and the same for the Manager and Player) Right-click on the program and select Create Shortcut from the drop-down menu that appears.
This will be fixed soon.

- If the HELP, CHECK FOR UPDATES and BUG REPORT functions don't work under the INFO menu in Editor, try going to Settings - System - Default apps - Web browser. Switch it to Edge or Internet Explorer. Then switch it back to your preferred web browser, it will do the trick. 

- We found bugs in the grid masking tool and working on a fix. 

If you don't have the app yet, BUY v.3. NOW for 30 USD. 

Help, Navigation and hotkeys: 


Left click on an imported scene (video or image) brings up the scene menu, where you can set the available cardinal directions leading out from that scene. You can also set the scene as start point, use the toogle switch to add fog of war to the scene, click the small gear icon to go tho the preview window where you'll be able to add props to your scene, or go to the image editor. 

Mousewheel / Shift + Mousewheel: Scroll in the story matrix horizontally / vertically and
scaling / rotating the background image in the image editor. 

Image editor: Mouse hold’n drag in the image editor: image offset

(Note, that the maximum supported resolution is 4096x4096 pixels!)


Click on the small gear icon in the scene menu to get to the scene preview window:

Make a "png" and a "particlefx" subfolder in your userfolder/DynamicDungeons/editor/props/ and copy the shared particle effects (only a few released yet) to the "particles" subfolder and add png or gif files to the "png" subfolder. (You can name the subfolders as you wish).  So the route to the files should look like this: userfolder/DynamicDungeons/editor/props/png and /particlefx. 

Clicking and holding down left mouse button longer on a prop or a particle effect will show the prop window (also works in Player) 

Grid hotkeys

G: turns the grid ON/OFF
Shift + G: open the grid editor in the player
Mouse hold’n drag: grid offset

Fog of War hotkeys
in player manager

B: Set the size of the brush (3 sizes) for revealing areas from fog of war (only if FOW was added to the scene in the editor)
Alt + holdmouse: cover it back!
Shift + holdmouse: rectangle selection reveal from FOW
Alt + Shift +holdmouse: rectangle selection cover
Shift + F: Reveal the entire scene from fog

Display hotkeys

1 / 2 when Player is active: toogle between the primary and the secondary display
1- 4 when Player Manager is active: change the size of the player manager window
I / D (or +/-) zoom out and back to the original size

General hotkeys

Ctrl / Cmd + D (Duplicate the active prop or particle effect)
Shift + S gpu memory status
Esc Quit

Save the  url of the help file to access these hotkeys easily: DD HELP 

Check out these intro videos

or Fill out the BUG REPORT FORM.

Thank you for supporting Dynamic Dungeons!

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