Monthly Progress Report & Stuff - February 2019

Hi everyone! A happy chinese new years! I hope you'll be eating lots of tasty things at dinner. 

Our little patreon community has gone from 43 to 44 since last month, with a few joining and few leaving. Thank you patrons who have been staying with me even now, patrons who decided to join me  as well as the patrons who have decided to leave, for supporting me in my translations. It makes me happy people care about my translation

Just like the previous monthly post,  I will report what chapters I'm currently translating of each project I'm doing as well as things I'd want to discuss with you all and any other things that could influence my translations in one way or another.  

 Translation progress 

  • Second Summon: Chapter 85  at 0% -> 90 at 0%
  • Hiki-NEET:  Vol 8 Idle talk 1 at 0% -> Vol 8 Idle talk 6 at 0%
  • Retired Hero: Chapter  16 at 50% -> 21 at ~70%
  • Monthly bonus: 0% -> ~70%

I guess I'm making more progress, but far not enough to my tastes.I caught myself lazying around from time to time, so I have to pay more attention to that as well as doing too many misc stuff. I'm going to try picking up the pace, hoping to do at least one chapter a day so that I can finally release some bonus chapters of any of the novels. By the next monthly progress report, I want to get as far as:

  • Second Summon: Chapter 96
  • Hiki-NEET: Vol 9 Chapter 8
  • Retired Hero: Chapter 32

These are roughly going to be my goals. We're going to have to see how far I can get. My recent track record says not far. Time to ban myself from games and such.

Now onto two important points:

Rank Changes suggestions

I've been wanting to make changes in the current ranks that I have in order to attract more people into becoming my patrons, especially the bronze rank. The problem for me is, I'm not entirely sure as to what people are looking for in each rank so I'd like to ask you guys for suggestions and opinions for this. Anything that I'm not doing that you wish I would that's not too time consuming? 


I noticed that some people don't find me engaging. I admit, I don't post much apart from the translated chapters since I never thought I should post other things and I'd rather spend time translating instead. Which means you'll only see a few updates and nothing else. I'm curious about what you want to see from me beside translations and such. 

 That is all I want to throw out to you guys. If you like to respond in any of the above points or have any other questions, please let me know through comments, mail or discord(link here just in case). I'm more than happy to respond to you

 Thank you for reading and see you in my next translations and/or monthly report!  

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