Mol 2019 - Goddesses of Love’s Beauty

This February I'm using the "Month of Love" project to spark stories in my own world beyond the Wood. I'll post artwork of a new god each week, with both a general introduction and a piece of short fiction that builds it into the world.  The general intro will be found on all the platforms on which the god of the week appears, but the short fiction will be posted only on Patreon, set to General Access.  I may post additional, longer fiction involving the god, set to Patrons Only, but I'm still working out the logistics of that much writing.

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Goddess of Love’s Beauty - Conjoined goddesses of Beauty-that-Inspires-Love and Beauty-Bestowed-by-Love. Popular in most human communities of the southern coastal city-states. 

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Excerpt from "Gods of the Florn FOA handbook"...

Technically we have two Goddesses of Love’s Beauty here at the Florn First Othering Assembly.  One is the Goddess of Beauty Inspiring Love, as is traditional among humans.  The other is the Goddess of Beauty Bestowed by Love, who renders a plain face more attractive in the lover’s mind.  The altars are side by side because the two gods are conjoined with but three legs to stand on between them.  

These goddesses are old and firmly established in the human pantheon.  Their altars receive offerings of gold and amber, and offerings of pennies and broken flowers, and the goddesses accept all. Miracles are not in-frequent.  Physical manifestations have happened in my own tenure, and while the gods made flesh looked somewhat awkward to me personally, their worshippers appeared to find them entirely satisfactory. 

As a simple Uranja*, I am often grateful to think that I merely support the Human religions** here and do not have to understand them. 

A story of Love’s Beauty - A handsome young man of good family sacrificed at the shrine of Beauty Inspiring, praying that his future wife, whoever she might be, would be of equal or greater beauty than he himself.  He gave nothing to the altar of Beauty Bestowed, reasoning that such beauty was merely the result of tolerance on the part of the beholder, rather than any innate virtue.  The next morning, he awoke to find a mirror in his bed, inscribed with roses and the words “To each only what he can appreciate." 

-- Facilitator of Many Holies, Deacon at the Florn branch of the First Othering Assembly.*
*formerly, the Temple of Wandering Gods.

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**To learn more about small gods of the world beyond the wood, read here...   Patrons can read more on the greater gods here and here.

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Update -- The original 5"x7" artwork for this god will be part of Gargoyle Statuary's Dark Love exhibit until mid-March 2019.  Please contact Gargoyles for information on purchasing this piece.  (I have added more roses...)
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